Ankle cut-outs: The peep toe’s cousin


My favorite trend of this summer is hands down the booties and sandals with ankle cut-outs. You might have noticed them in my latest post, and they’re just so darn perfect I figured they deserved an entire post in their honor. My wonderful best friend bought me these bad boys for my birthday last month, and I couldn’t be more obsessed. The ankle cut-out makes even the most average bootie an attention-grabber. Here are a few of my favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.19.45 PM

Clockwise from top left: Halogen, Jeffrey Campbell, Carvela Kurt Geiger, Jeffrey Campbell (created via Polyvore)

 My favorite part about these shoes? You can wear them literally anywhere and with anything. Skinny jeans and button up? You’re ready to go to work. High-waisted shorts and a kimono? You’re ready to go out. The possibilities are endless!

So get yourself to Nordstrom, pick up a pair and let me know how you style them. Tweet at me or comment away on here.


Crop tops in the office: It’s a thing

In my opinion, crop tops are never going out of style. They’ve not only become a staple in every girl’s summer wardrobe, but they’ve moved on up to the professional scene. Granted, if you’re working in a corporate office or law firm, you probably don’t want to show up wearing a half-shirt. As for the rest of you… Want to know the secret to wearing a crop top at work?


If it rises an inch above your belly button, without your cheeks hanging out, you are good to go. I’m going to show you two different ways to rock  a crop top in the office; one is a little more casual Friday, but the other you could definitely get away with in front of even the most traditional clients.

2014-07-07 15.47.53◊Casual Friday◊

Although there is a tiny sliver of skin showing, the length of the skirt and the complete lack of cleavage make the crop top totally office appropriate. If this is still a little bold for you, opt for a cropped sweater instead, that way your arms are totally covered as well, but considering I live in Arizona, I’m all about this sleeveless beauty from H&M. I have the cutest outfit featuring the cropped sweater I just bought from Urban, so look out for that once it cools down (even though that will be in like six months here, so sorry for getting you excited so early).

2014-06-23 16.20.56◊Board Room Babe◊

This boxy chiffon top (also from H&M) is the perfect way to incorporate a crop top into a more professional look. The loose fit and high neckline make this shirt sophisticated and office-appropriate. Class up the look even more with a pair of harem pants or wide-leg trousers (if you’re feeling daring) and a pointy-toed pump, and you’re ready to conquer those scary, pantsuit-wearing office executives.

 What are your thoughts about crop tops in the office? Tweet at me or comment below with your opinion!

Phoenix Fashion Week- Top 40 Model Announcement

Last Thursday, Phoenix Fashion Week finally revealed the 43 models that will be competing for Model of the Year this fall. Originally, we had only intended to take 40 models, but with the out pour of talent, we accepted three more. They walked in front of more than 200 guests and buzzing media personnel, all excited for the top 43 to finally go public. Despite a little glitch with graphics during the model walk, the event was the best yet.

2014-07-10 23.51.23

Photo Credit: Cienna Fernandez

The fashion week team turned INTL night club in Scottsdale into runway show. I showed up at 5:30, but I’m assuming the incredibly hard-working operations team had to get there around 4:00. The set up was amazing and INTL served as the perfect venue. The designers sat in the front row, along with some other notable attendees like Miss Arizona USA Jordan Wessel.

2014-07-10 19.13.31As a member of the media team, one of my biggest tasks for the night was to track down the best dressed attendees and take some pictures of them. We hosted a street style contest, where the winner received an ever so coveted swag bag. I spotted blogger Katlynn from The Blonde With Hips wearing Missguided and knew I found my winner. Her all-over snakeskin print was flawless and daring at the same time, and I’m mildly obsessed with it.

Photo credit: Lauren Pfingstag

Photo credit: Lauren Pfingstag

After all the madness of chasing down fashionistas and directing guests, media and designers alike around the event, we finally got to see the top 43! There will be five model challenges that will factor into who wins Model of the Year this fall, the first being a head shot challenge. Models Nico and Sammy took home the award for this round, but Model of the Year is still anyone’s game. Look out for our next event, Shop the Garment District, on August 8th.

 Overall, the event was my favorite so far. I’m excited to see how these models progress and can’t wait to see who wins the next challenge. Follow me on Twitter for more updates about Phoenix Fashion Week.

It’s not work if you love it

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts these past few days! With my birthday week (yes, I make my birthday a week-long event) and all of my other life distractions, I’ve had some serious posting negligence. But don’t worry, ya girl is back.

2014-06-11 14.32.37

Throwin’ what we know with my lovely co-workers.

I just recently started my internship with 224 Apparel and I’m already loving it. For those unaware, 224 is a custom apparel company who makes literally anything your heart could desire, but they have their largest market within the Greek apparel industry.

We are launching so many exciting new projects that I wish I could tell you about, but it’s all top secret. Our newsletter was the first was of these new ventures, which features all of the styles and trends that we are super into at 224 for the month. Check it out below, and definitely make sure to subscribe on our Facebook page if you like what you see :)

june newsletterI think my favorite part about working at 224 is that I get to hang out with awesome girls from all over the Greek community. The new projects that we are working on are probably going to be the coolest thing you’ve ever seen, so it’s killing me not to spill the beans. Check back soon to stay updated with the most exciting 224 news.

Follow 224: Twitter Instagram Pinterest


You won’t believe it’s not Lululemon

Workout clothing has become a sort of status symbol in today’s society. God forbid you walk into spin or yoga class wearing anything except for Lululemon or Nike. As much as I love both of these brands, I only buy them on very specific occasions. 1. I have a gift card. 2. I found an insane deal. Unfortunately, both of these events rarely occur in this cruel world we live in. So I found an alternative.

created via

created via

One of these shirts cost $10 and came from Kohl’s. The other shirt is the No Limits Lululemon tank that’ll cost you aroud $50. Maybe it’s just me, but judging the from the picture above, these two shirts look exactly the same. I’m not even going to tell you which one is which, because they are the exact same shirt, except for the tiny little Lululemon emblem on the back of one of them.

Do yourself a favor and spend a 1/5 of the amount of money on your next workout top. Now go focus on your actual workout rather than what you’re wearing.

Phoenix Fashion Week: Emerging Designer Announcement 2014

Sorry about the late post, I’ve been pretty busy with more interviews and work the past few days! The emerging designers for 2014 Phoenix Fashion Week were announced Friday night. They all showed one piece from the collections that they will be showing this fall. It so much fun working this event (take a peek at my outfit here) and I’m more than excited to see what the designers come up with this fall after going through boot camp.

2014-06-13 20.29.54

The Jacqueline Nicole look was amazing, I want to wear it right now.

The 14 Emerging Designers are:

State Forty Eight (Phoenix)

Woman’s Touch Apparel (Phoenix)

Schuylark Design (New York City)

Adoire by Saba (Phoenix)

RAYAN (Los Angeles)

Jacqueline Nicole (St. Louis)


L I L L I E N N E Lang (Phoenix)

Atiz (Seattle)

Misha Mendicino Designs (Phoenix)

Kismit (Phoenix)

Hues of Ego (Phoenix)

Charmosa Swimwear (San Francisco)

Blackberry Maverick (Colorado Springs, hollaaaa)

Here are the 14 first looks.

2014-06-13 21.27.32

Left to right: Kismit, Jaqueline Nicole, Charmosa Swimwear, Blackberry Maverick, Atiz, Hues of Ego

2014-06-13 21.27.13

Left to right: Lilliene Lang, Misha Mendicino Designs, Point & Hue, Rayan, Adoire by Saba, Schuylark, State Forty Eight, Woman’s Touch Apparel

Check out a video of all the looks here.

This Saturday, June 21st, is the our annual Model of the Year Search. Make sure to come by and strut your stuff if you want to be a model in this year’s fashion week. Email me or comment if you would like more details about participating.

All black everything

Last night I worked my very first event for Phoenix Fashion Week. At this event, we introduced the 14 emerging designers selected to go through our “designer boot camp” and then show their collections during fashion week in October. I snagged this job with my awesome resume and even better outfit (see it here) and I’m so excited to be involved! When we work events, we are required to wear all black. IMG_3509For this event I chose a black shift dress from Express. It’s embroidered by the neckline and falls a little bit above the knee. This dress was perfect for running around and setting up a fashion show, because it was long enough me to be bend over (without giving the world a free show) and it was light enough to keep me cool. I put a simple black blazer on top because I needed pockets to carry my phone.

I chose black ankle strap wedges from because these are literally the comfiest wedges on the planet. I added a pop of color with a turquoise statement necklaces and accessorized with gold jewelry in different shades.

IMG_3511I actually wore black liquid eyeliner to this event, which is pretty out of character for me when I’m at work. But because this was a night-time event, I figured it was alright to look a little glamorous. I wore my hair straight and down to cover up my shoulders in case I wanted to take off the blazer.

Check back tomorrow for a full write-up about the actual event! These designers are absolutely amazing, and one is even from my wonderful hometown, Colorado Springs. You won’t want to miss it :)

Dressing the part: Interviewing for a job in retail

Yesterday I had my first in-person interview for my first job in retail. You would think for a girl who shops as much as I do, that I would have some retail experience under my belt, but sadly my high school jobs consisted mostly of ice cream stores and coffee shops. On the bright side I can make a really great cappuccino, and that’s a life skill you can’t put a price on. Anyway, I scored a second interview for the end of the week so I thought I’d share my outfit.2014-06-09 13.55.15-1

I think you’ll be shocked by how inexpensive this entire ensemble was. The blazer is from Charlotte Russe and cost about $20. I bought it my senior year of high school when I decided I needed to start my “big girl” wardrobe. The tank underneath literally cost me $3. I repeat: three. dollars.

The pants are from Kohl’s (in case you haven’t caught on, Kohl’s is the love of my life and the reason my bank account has any money in it.) I am absolutely obsessed with harem pants, especially patterned ones. Patterned bottoms are my go-to when I’m shopping because they instantly add an edge and sophistication to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

The shoes are the Jennifer Lopez brand, which is sold at, you guessed it, Kohl’s. I spent about $10 on these shoes, because Kohl’s randomly decides to put everything on sale all the time. The heel is only about three inches, which makes them the perfect height for job interview. There is nothing more unprofessional than hobbling into human resources wearing stripper heels.


What is your go-to look for a job interview? Holla at me in the comments section.

This is acceptable. Image via

Flower crowns: I’m over it

If you’ve talked fashion with me, you’ll know that I’m not really into trends.

I don’t see the point in wasting my money on something that will go out of style just as quickly as it came. Despite this, there are certain trends that I’ve succumbed to, like ankle-strap heels. But the thing about these is that they’ve always been a thing, they just recently gained extreme popularity this summer.On the other hand, there are other trends that are just plain silly and the definition of a trend. Flower crowns epitomize this.

Whyyyyyyy. image via

image via

Maybe it’s just me hating all things hipster, but these have got to go. There is nothing cute about wearing a bouquet on your head. You’ll attract a lot of confused stares and possibly a few hungry bees. So just do yourself a favor and take them off. Please.

This is acceptable. Image via

This is acceptable. Because literally anything Harry does is acceptable. Image via

Moral of the story: Unless if you are Harry Styles, who can do no wrong, please stay away from this tacky trend. But for those of you who are just dying to wear flowers in your hair, there are pretty and stylish ways to do so. Choose a small collection of flowers or maybe just one larger flower, like a sunflower, to pin on your hair back on the side or next to a low, messy bun.

Now this is pretty. Image via Etsy

Now this is pretty. Image via Etsy

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this trend, and fill me in on the ones that you can’t wait to see go out of style. Holla at me in the comments section.

The Phoenix Fashion Week work has finally begun

Yesterday was my first meeting as a Fashion Ambassador for Phoenix Fashion Week! I am officially a part of the branding and media team, so holla at your girl if you want to come to any of our fabulous upcoming events. As you might expect, I put quite a bit of planning into my outfit. I wanted to find the perfect balance between style and professionalism. It looks like it paid off though, because the executive director complimented me in front of everyone ;)

2014-06-07 16.02.08

Photo Credit: Annie DeRemer

I’m wearing a LC by Lauren Conrad blouse in mint. I had it buttoned almost all the way up to make sure I wasn’t showing any cleavage, and I complimented the neckline with a chain necklace.

I have a faux leather skirt on the bottom to amp up the trendiness of this outfit and hopefully leave an impression. If you’re interviewing for an actual job or at any company that isn’t in the fashion industry, I would definitely go for a longer hemline. This skirt would not pass the bend-over test, but luckily I remained upright for the entire meeting.

The shoes are from Kohl’s and they are probably my favorite item in my closet right now. I would recommend staying away from heels with platforms when you are going to any sort of interview and save them for a night out.

I’ll keep you guys updated with all of my exciting Phoenix Fashion Week news and, of course, my outfits.